New Tires Available

We pull our new tires from 4 major KC warehouses with 2x per day deliveries. We have access to almost every tire brand available. Because we are not a dealer for any one brand we can shop for the lowest price among all of our suppliers and get you the best price possible. Every brand, Every day.

All of our new tires include at no additional cost:

  • Road Hazard Protection
  • Lifetime Tire Repairs
  • Lifetime Rotations
  • Front End Alignment Check
  • Trade-In $$$ For Your Still Good Used Tires

Tire Services

Mounting and Balancing
$24.00 each
Roll in $16.00 each
Tire Repair
Purchased here new, FREE
4 Tire Rotation
Purchased here new, FREE
4 Tire Rotate and Balance
Purchased here new $30.00
Lawn Tire Mounting
Roll in $16.00
ATV Tire Mounting
Roll in $24.00
Reverse Mount Wheels
Additional $8.00 each
35 Series and Below/35" and up
Additional $8.00 each

Tire Buying Tip
When shopping for new tires always compare the bottom line installed price with sales tax and all the extras included. This will prevent you from falling for the misleading buy 1 get 1 free, and other sneaky tactics that are usually more expensive at the bottom line. It pays to shop around.